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The Right Gifts for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Are you prepared? Did you find the perfect gift for your loved one? Did you plan a special date night for your sweetheart? Did you buy the most beautiful flower arrangement you could find?

Or did you forget about the day altogether? If that is the case, Nancy's Floral INC can help you find the perfect gift from our Valentine selection!

Valentine’s day has been a day to show love for your significant other for centuries. It all started with a priest named Valentine, who would marry young lovers in secret after Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage. He was sentenced to death and executed on February 14th, but he will not be forgotten after Pope Gelasius declared February 14th the day to honor Valentine.

Now why do we give our lovebugs flowers on this special day of love? In the 18th century flowers were used as a nonverbal message. Each flower had a different meaning, allowing people to communicate in only flowers.

The different colors of flowers have different meanings, which we don’t pay as much attention to as people probably used to. But red roses have always been a symbol of love, passion, and romance.

But let's say you want something more unique for your honey bun, something that stands out a little more than a beautiful bouquet.

Nancy’s Floral INC has unique gifts that we know will show your affection. So if you want something besides flowers to prove your love, we can provide you with several options.

Image 1

This Big Bear For Romance is a great gift for your shnookums who loves to cuddle and it will last forever!

Image 1

If your sweetiepie has a bit of a health nut side, give them the gift of delicious fruit! This Sweet Love Story™ is perfect for them, and if they love you as much as you obviously love them, they might even share this sweet treat with you.

For more fun and unique gift ideas check out Nancy’s Floral INC Valentine selection! You are sure to find something perfect for your soulmate. 

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