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Flower Arrangements For A Tropical Getaway


With the holidays over and the cold weather still lingering, you are probably beginning to dream about warmer weather. A tropical vacation with beaches and jungles is just what you need. But most people cannot just pack up and go on vacation whenever they would like. These extravagant vacations take time to plan and save for.

While a tropical vacation may not be in your near future, you can bring the look and feel of a tropical island to your home. At Nancy’s Floral, we provide the most beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets to add color and unique style to your home, office, or to send to a loved one. We offers flower arrangements for every occasion, from birthdays to happy hour, you can find a bouquet you love.

We also offer a gorgeous collection of tropical and exotic arrangements that we receive directly from Hawaii and Costa Rica each week. That means you can enjoy tropical flowers year round, giving you a mini slice of paradise.

Our tropical arrangements will wow your guests and make great gifts for those who love flowers but want something different. Our tropical arrangements include many different types of flowers, including ginger flowers, birds-of-paradise, bamboo sticks, and other exotic plants.

These different arrangements can add a different touch of color and style to your home, giving your home a tropical feel and allowing you to enjoy something that reminds you of warm sandy beaches, beautiful jungles, and a tropical island. Swap out your usual rose and lily arrangements for one that offers something completely different. Here are some of our favorites!

Now And Zen

Our Now And Zen flower arrangement is beautifully designed and has the perfect mix of color. The greens of the anthuriums, leucadendron, artichoke, flax, ti leaves, and galax leaves pairs perfectly with the lavender orchids, pink asiatic lilies, and pink ginger flowers. The arrangement comes in a black wooden box for a unique and sleek style. This is one of our favorites and we are sure you will love it as well!

Bali Breeze

This flower arrangement is designed to look wild, just like the exotic flowers and plants that are included in the arrangement. The Bali Breeze arrangement come in a bamboo basket and include a ton of different flowers and leaves. Red ginger, orchids, bamboo, pineapple bromeliads, and beehive ginger are a few of the exotic flowers and plants you will find in this arrangement.

Pacific Paradise

This asymmetrical arrangement offers a unique balance with pink ginger flowers dominating one side and curly willow and cymbidium orchids on the other. This gorgeous arrangement comes in a sleek bamboo container and can add a ton of style to your home.

At Nancy’s Floral, you can find the flower arrangements you need to give yourself a mini tropical vacation. Our tropical and exotic flower collection is the perfect thing to help you get through the rest of winter. Find the one you love and add it to your home now!

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