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  • Maya Octopus

    Maya Octopus

    Product Details With eight soft jumbo corduroy tentacles and a wide embroidered smile Maya Octopus is the perfect companion for giving the biggest of hugs. Her sil-like fur in a dusky mauve hue adds to Maya's irresistible ocean charms. SAFETY...

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  • Amuseable Sports Tennis Ball

    Amuseable Sports Tennis Ball

    Product Details The perfect partner for any tennis enthusiast! Eye-catching on and off court in zingy yellow velvet soft fur, Amuseable Sport Tennis Ball is all set to play with a matching set of head and wrist bands. It’s a thumbs up from...

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  • Amuseable Sports Baseball

    Amuseable Sports Baseball

    Product Details Ready for the game in soft cream fur, red seam stitching detail and a navy cap (with the visor shaped just so), Amuseable Baseball is pitching it perfectly - especially with the fine cord thumbs up. This character will hit a home...

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  • Amuseable Sports Basketball

    Amuseable Sports Basketball

    Product Details Appearing on court in a rich orange fur with black felt line shaping, Amuseable Sports Basketball is a cheery three-point winner of a gift. With a joyful smile, fine cord legs and eye-catching red, white and black suedette...

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  • Amuseable Sports Golf Ball

    Amuseable Sports Golf Ball

      Product Details Great things most definitely come in small packages. Amuseable Sports Golf Ball is impeccably presented in a white textured fabric, sporting a suedette summer blue visor and stitched face. With a big smile and two thumbs up...

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  • Arber Terrarium

    Arber Terrarium

    The Arber terrarium is designed for your favorite small plant collection. With a simple base and pitched roof, this terrarium is completely clear for observing your plant specimens. 10”L x 7”W x 14”T  All terrariums include a...

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  • Amuseable Pea In A Pod

    Amuseable Pea In A Pod

    Product Details: The Amuseable Peas in a Pod are having a sleepover! Meet our trio of snuggled-up, suedey green peas in a soft-but-bumpy towelly pod. Two have turned in for the night, but one's still wide awake in teeny-tiny booties – and all...

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  • Kitten Caboodle Ginger

    Kitten Caboodle Ginger

    Product Details: Kitten Caboodle Kitty is a playful, naughty, shortbread fuzzball! With a tail curled like a question mark, this chocolate-eyed urchin is ever-ready to spring on itty biscuit paws, landing in a lap or clattering into a lampshade...

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  • Drake Dragon

    Drake Dragon

    Product Details: Drake Dragon by Jellycat is soft and stylish!  His coat is a beautiful green color with a ruffled up body.  Big wings on his back are stiff and floppy - ready for flight.  A long tail curves around with...

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  • Higgledy Piggledy Old Spot

    Higgledy Piggledy Old Spot

    Product Details: Higgledy Piggledy Old Spot is one curious pig! In sweet peachy pink with cocoa splotches, all a-totter on tiny trotters, this barnyard dandy snouts about everywhere. And what a fine, fuzzy snout it is! Just the handsome friend to...

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  • Oswald Orangutan

    Oswald Orangutan

    Product Details: Oswald Orangutan is an affable ape, content to loaf in the lush rainforest. Scrumptiously shaggy in chocolate-orange fur, with truffle face, hands and feet, this friendly fellow has a hundred hugs to share. A wise adviser, Oswald...

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