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Benefits of Houseplants

23rd May 2018

There are many benefits to having houseplants. Not only do they bring some nature indoors and add some color to your space, but they can also offer many health benefits. An article from Ambius mentions that research has found the interior plants are good for both the building and the people.

At Nancy’s Floral, we do more than just send you beautiful and breathtaking flower arrangements, we also offer houseplants that can liven up your space and provide you with a variety of benefits! To learn more about some of these benefits, read on! And be sure to order your houseplant today.

Improves Productivity

Indoor plants have a way or calming us down while also stimulating us and keeping things interesting. Research has found that people in offices are more productive, take fewer sick days, and are happier when plants are indoors, creating an enhances space around them.

Improves Air Quality

Plants can also help improve the air quality indoors. They can also be useful in fighting Sick Building Syndrome, which may be caused by poor air quality, as well as other factors. But plants can help with air quality by reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity, reducing levels of certain pollutants, keeping air temperatures down, and reducing levels of dust in the air.

Improves Health

Plants have even been shown to offer benefits to hospital patients. Patients that had plants in their rooms were more likely to request less pain medication, have lower blood pressure and heart rates, experience less anxiety, and were often released from the hospital sooner. Plants can help with everything from fatigue and colds to coughs and flu-like symptoms.

There are many benefits to plants, but most people get them for their added beauty and liveliness! Find a houseplant or a dish garden that you love from our collection at Nancy’s Floral and order yours today. Whether you add a houseplant for your health or for the aesthetics, you will love what we have to offer. Contact us with any questions you may have!