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Nancy’s Floral is a full service florist and gift shop in Gresham, Oregon that has been serving the greater Portland metro area for over 30 years. Our creative designs and professional service have been the keys to our success. Nancy’s Floral stocks a diverse variety of fresh flowers that arrive from local growers and exotic locations daily. We specialize in wedding and event decorating as well as floral tributes for funerals and memorials. Nancy's Floral also offers a wide selection of gift items, eastern European crystal, quality collectibles & figurines, scented candles, plush animals, singing balloons, greeting cards and much more. Start shopping online here, give your local Portland, Oregon florist a call (503) 716-4971, or contact us online.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

16th Apr 2020

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Show your mom that you appreciate everything she’s done for you with flowers. Order flowers for delivery in the Portland area for Mother’s Day this year.

The Tradition of Mother’s Day

In America, Mother’s Day is a holiday that is meant to celebrate everything great your mom has done for you. It always takes place on a Sunday in May, so that you can spoil her all day. Let your mom relax on her special day off by making her breakfast and bringing it to her in bed, get her some beautiful flowers, and if you can, spend time with her doing what she loves. This year, Mother’s Day is on May 10th, so prepare to surprise your mom with thoughtful gifts and the time off that she deserves.

Historically, the tradition of Mother’s Day actually goes back centuries. This holiday actually started as a Christian festival in Europe called “Mothering Sunday”. This festival was held on the fourth Sunday during Lent, which lines up with the modern timeline of Mother’s Day falling on the second Sunday in May. However, this festival wasn’t necessarily held to celebrate people’s actual mothers, but rather the “mother church”. Over time, the tradition transformed into a day for children to appreciate their mothers by gifting them flowers. Mother’s Day was a fully-formed American holiday by the early 1900s.

Gifts to Get Your Mom

While there are many gifts that you can get for your mom, first pay attention to what gifts she would prefer to receive. Getting flowers for your mom for Mother’s Day may be traditional, but what can you get her if she doesn’t like flowers or if she’s allergic to them? The good news is your mother probably loves you very much, so she will appreciate any thoughtful gift that you give her on this special day. If flowers are a great gift for your mom, do you know which ones she would want to receive the most? Use this guide from the floral experts at Nancy’s Floral to pick out the perfect present for your mom on Mother’s Day.

Why Flowers Make a Great Mother’s Day Gift

Flowers are a common gift on Mother’s Day because, well, it’s tradition! Flowers are one of nature’s most beautiful gifts. They’re beautiful, they smell good, and they have a way of conveying emotion without using words. The woman who pushed to make Mother’s Day into a recognized American holiday suggested that children wear white carnations and take their mother to church on a special Sunday during Lent. Ever since then, florists took this flower-giving tradition and ran with it. Presenting your mother with flowers on Mother’s Day has been a tradition of this holiday since it was first celebrated.

The Best Flowers for Mom

The official flower of Mother’s Day is the red carnation. So, if you want to be traditional, buy your mom a beautiful bouquet of carnations, and she’ll be sure to love it. If you know that your mom does have a favorite flower, you could always buy her some of those too — she’ll be sure to love them. Otherwise, if you’re not sure her favorite flower, you could take the route of getting flowers that are her favorite color, assuming that flowers come in that color. It would be a nice little treat for her to receive an entire bouquet of a single type of flower or a variety of flowers that are all her favorite color. If this isn’t an option for you, try remembering flowers that you’ve seen around her house. Maybe she has gotten herself flowers before and she would appreciate getting similar ones again.

Gifts That Aren’t Flowers

If you’re already aware that your mother wouldn’t appreciate or is allergic to flowers, then don’t worry, there are plenty of other options. Getting your mom a sweet treat for Mother’s Day is a great way to show her that she’s special to you. Opt for some chocolates (but nothing in a heart-shaped box that you would give to a significant other), or naturally sweetened fruits. Fruits are commonly given as gifts in place of flowers because some don’t see flowers as practical, but you can eat the fruits, instead of letting them wilt and die. Find a florist that can arrange the fruits into a replica of a flower bouquet for a cute effect. There are other fruit basket options from most florists, such as fruit and cheese baskets or other combinations.

Flower Delivery in Gresham, Oregon

Gresham, Oregon is located about 15 miles east of Portland, near the Columbia River. If you live within our delivery area, order flowers or other thoughtful gifts for your mom this Mother’s Day from Nancy’s Floral. Pick up flowers for your mom to give her on this special day, or have them delivered if she lives in the area but you don’t. She’ll be sure to love anything you gift her, but she’ll especially appreciate the beautiful aroma of flowers.

Nancy’s Floral has been serving the Portland Metro area for over 35 years. We guarantee our customers’ happiness. Contact us today to order flowers or other gifts for delivery. 

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