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This Year, Deliver Flowers For Thanksgiving

This Year, Deliver Flowers For Thanksgiving

Posted by Nancy's Floral on 24th Nov 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. As we’ve written about it before in different ways, the novel coronavirus has caused multiple lifestyle changes that are important to consider as we navigate our daily lives. As part of that, intentionally considering how to go about creating a sense of family during the holidays is even more important this year.

Thanksgiving 2020 will almost certainly see fewer families fully together than the average year and even for those that will get to gather around the table together, a simple trip to the store could put the group at risk.

The Case For Floral Delivery This Thanksgiving

There are multiple reasons why floral delivery will see increased demand this year and why you may want to consider sending delivery flowers to your gathering or to a get-together you had to miss out on this year.

Here are a few we’re hearing from our 2020 Thanksgiving floral delivery pre-order customers:

The Family Won’t Be Getting Together

If you missed a summer or fall wedding this year, you weren’t alone. Most of us have had at least some 2020 travel plans canceled or postponed and that trend keeps rolling on as the initial days of the pandemic have turned into weeks and even months.

So, if your family or extended family isn’t going to be getting together this year, it can feel more than a little off-putting. Bringing flowers into your home for a small celebration can be a big plus to freshen up the atmosphere, and sending flowers to the loved ones you’ll be missing this Thanksgiving is likely an even better gesture.

You’ll Be Missing Dinner

There are many reasons that some extended families won’t be fully together as normal this year. If someone in your immediate family is an at-risk person or you live further away and require additional travel resources to reach home, you may choose to skip this year for safety reasons.

If some members of your family are celebrating Thanksgiving together this year, but you’re not going to be able to attend, it can be tough for everyone involved.

Your presence will certainly be missed. So, by sending some flowers in your absence, you can surprise the family on Thanksgiving and make your presence at the dinner table felt from afar.

Skipping All But Necessary Errands

If you are part of a Thanksgiving get together this year, you’ll likely want to be a bit more careful about what errands or shopping you choose to partake in when compared to normal years.

The idea of malls and shopping centers packed with Black Friday shoppers pushing through department store doors at opening seems laughably unlikely this year. With many folks looking to reduce time spent at stores and in crowds, it’s likely we’ll see many Turkey Day errands get replaced by delivery options.

In addition to online holiday shopping and even grocery delivery, requesting delivery flowers will allow you to adorn your table with a beautiful Thanksgiving Day floral arrangement without having to leave the house.

The Holidays Can Be Lonely

Family members left in isolation on what should be a fun day to come together are likely to feel sad and lonely. If you can imagine a loved one feeling upset that the family isn’t together, sending flowers to brighten their day is truly the next best thing to a Thanksgiving as normal.

Many of our customers are sending floral arrangements to parents or siblings they’re not going to be able to see this Thanksgiving in order to show their support for this year like no other. While we all believe that life will return to a sense of normal soon, that won’t make the holidays without togetherness easier on its own. Sending your love from afar is a beautiful way to say “wish we were together” this year!

Don’t Wait, Schedule Today!

We hope this article serves as a catalyst or friendly reminder to consider the unique needs this holiday season will require to bring together your family in a year where it seems like almost nothing can be assumed.

Remember, this pandemic impacts more than just your family. Since we’re all navigating this unique situation simultaneously, many other families will think to request delivered groceries, gifts, and flowers this holiday season. Decide well in advance if delivery is a great option for your situation and get your order in right away to ensure that your love is felt this Thanksgiving.

In the Portland area, that means giving the team at Nancy’s Floral a call or placing an order on our convenient website. We’re happy to help find the right arrangement for your loved one and will ensure that the flowers make it in time for dinner.

Schedule your delivery today!