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4 “Just Because” Reasons To Send Flowers

4 “Just Because” Reasons To Send Flowers

30th Sep 2021

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably only think to send flowers on Valentine’s Day or when there’s a funeral. But, why limit flowers to just these few and far between occasions? People love to get flowers — they’re a beautiful, visual reminder of how much someone cares. They can make someone feel loved, bring a smile to their face, and brighten an otherwise non-eventful day.

At Nancy’s Floral, our passion is flowers — after all, we’ve been in the business for over 40 years! And today, our goal is to help you start thinking about sending flowers more than just once a year. Keep reading to learn why some of the best reasons to send flowers are “just because.” If you’re ready to show someone how much you care and need flower delivery in Portland, we hope you’ll think of Nancy’s Floral.

An image of a delivery man delivering a large bouquet of flowers to a young woman


Perhaps you know someone who is starting a new job, having a difficult time at their current one, or has just decided to make a major career change; these are all instances where someone could really benefit from a big boost of encouragement. Sending flowers for encouragement can help someone through a difficult time in their life or let them know that you’re there for them as they venture into the unknown. Whatever the case may be, flowers are the perfect gift because it lets them know that you care.

Say You’re Sorry

Nobody’s perfect, and sometimes it can be difficult to get along with everyone, all the time. If you’ve had an argument or aren’t seeing eye to eye with someone you care about, why not say you’re sorry with flowers? Of course a simple “I’m sorry” will also suffice, but also sending flowers will show them that you care enough to take the extra effort and that you truly want to apologize.

An image of a pink bouquet of roses and carnations

Random Act of Kindness

Everyone knows someone who goes the extra mile to help others out — often spending their own time and resources to make a difference and make the world a better place. Why not show your appreciation with a random act of kindness? Arrange to have flowers sent to a nurse or teacher you admire. Consider sending flowers to a single mom who is working hard to hold her family together. There are amazing people in your neighborhood and all over the world — show them your appreciation with a random gift of flowers!

An image of someone smelling an orchid plant

Make Someone Smile

Who couldn’t use a little pick-me-up most days? Most people, even the ones who always appear to be happy and upbeat, are usually dealing with some kind of personal struggle. Why not take the time to make someone smile by having flowers delivered right to their door? It only takes a few minutes to place your order, and the happiness they can provide is priceless.

Choose Nancy’s Floral For Flower Delivery in Portland

We hope that we’ve convinced you that flowers aren’t just for holidays and funerals. Make someone’s day today by ordering flowers for one of any “just because” reasons. For flower delivery in the Portland area, contact Nancy’s Floral. We can also deliver nationwide and internationally for an extra fee. Call today!