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Flowers: The Gift for Everyone

23rd Jan 2017

Flowers have always been given to women, for any and all reasons. It’s her birthday, get her flowers. You had a fight last night, get her flowers. You think she is pretty, get her flowers. It is something that women are used to but still love every time they get handed a bright, colorful bouquet.

And they love it each time for a simple reason. Flowers are a small, effortless way to show someone you care about them. That is as simple as it gets.

So why are women the only ones gifted flowers? Is it simply because flowers are viewed as a more feminine gift?

Give a man flowers. Do it for the same reasons he does it for you. Just to tell him how you feel, to show him you were thinking about him, to say sorry, or to show your affection towards him. Even if he isn’t a fan of the flowers, he will appreciate the thought, he will be happy that you were thinking of him during your day.

Even if you feel weird about sending them to his office you can surprise him at home, give them to him on a date, or even send them to his house while you are out of town. It may not be the perfect gift for your man, but it is a small gesture to show what he means to you. Flipping the tables on him like this is a good way to remind him just how much he means to you and to surprise him with something special.

Some people may not think giving a man flowers is a good idea, but showing them you care always is. You do not have to get him a dozen long stem red roses, but an orchid or a vase full of unique warm colored flowers would be perfect for anyones man. Nancy’s Floral Inc. has an abundance of flowers, plants, and fruit baskets, so even if a vase of flowers is too “girly” there are other options to show you care. See our selection today.